Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pan North America trip

The Trak atop the Taurus in Seattle
I sleep tonight in the back of my Station wagon, outside the ferry terminal to Vancouver island and it is near freezing, as the recent snow fall, still has remnants on the ground. With my folding Trak kayak atop the car, and I, a ferry boat ride away from a comfortable sleep in a house, am jammed amongst the boxes of my stuff I retrieved from my ex's place in California.
  The last couple of weeks have been spent journeying south along the length of the USA, to clear up and finalize some unfinished business with my best friend and ex fiancĂ©, who now lives in Merced California. It was an emotional time, raising issues of me leaving her for my “crazy dreams of adventure”, I feel I can’t do while staying with her, and my desires to be with her and live our love.
My journey started with me shooting straight to Eugene Oregon, to catch up with Ian Westmoreland, his Toyota Tacoma and dog buddy, who I all last saw in Costa Rica, earlier in the year, after we drove from Belize to panama. It was a fun contrast to now catch up with them in Oregon and go camp up in the woods in winter, after last adventuring in the tropics. More of that story here
We put the Trak in an almost empty lake for a paddle, before heading into the trees to camp beneath a water fall, under an overhanging cliff. We had a fire, cooked pasta, drank beer and talked shit about Sasquatch. In the morning we awoke to find 6 inches on fresh snow had fallen, which answered the question of why we suddenly got so cold in the night.
I then moved on south to catch up with Nina and spend a week with her sorting out life. It ended with bitter sweet love knowing that we both need to follow very different paths at the moment to for full our ambitions. There is lots of love and respect between us and that is great.Doesn't mean the hearts aren't aching over this, we are great together.
Rainbow Bridge trip 09-22
Pic of Nina and I, a couple of years ago at Rainbow Bridge Utah.

In the mean time I did a lot of sponsorship soliciting, and logistics for the NZ expedition. Man this stuff takes a lot of time. Some friends from Phoenix where coming out to the coast to paddle for thanks giving, so I headed to southern LA, to surf kayak with them and camp out. Turned out to be one of the few weekends where there was no surf. I got some great distance paddling along the coast in the Trak. Cresting waves that rolled at me, side on, as I pushed along the coast in the lovely warm sun (a nice change after the winter paddling in BC). I started getting an idea again of what the NZ trip will be like. I can’t wait.Got out paddling with my mate Hut Wade of Journeys west in his Cedar Strip kayak. very nice boat!! his Non Profit Org, does guiding and also works with homeless kids and gets them into the outdoors. awesome.
I then headed north again, loading my gear, saying good bye to Nina, and sleeping in a rest stop in Oregon , the first sleep amongst my stuff in the back. The next day I stopped in at Charlie and Marianne's in Seattle. I meet this wonderful couple in Belize earlier this year, and Charlie and I had some great talks and found that we where similar people, and he having a few years on me became a bit of a mentor. Thus I was dying for the chance to sit and catch up with him as soon as I could. These two also helped me a lot by letting me post gear I needed to them, and being full supporters of my ambitions they donated some finances to the cause.
Thanks heaps for everything guys.
That led to me driving on the next night from Seattle, all the way up to horseshoe bay to catch the 9pm ferry, to find that on this day, Wednesday, there is no 9pm ferry. I will sleep here tonight and get the 6.30 am one.
I fly out in three days now, so much to do and so little time. All this prep is driving me nuts but I also really enjoy it. Sponsors are coming through and lots of money being spent of gear.
My sleeping bag jammed down the right side, even more jammed when I am sleeping in it!

Bring it on let’s make it work!
The View out of our cave in the morning!!

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