Friday, April 8, 2011

April 4–8th; Prepping To Go It Alone.



Date: April 6thkayakdownundernzleg2-1030246

Distance: 4NM

Weather: Sunny

Camp: my cousin Bens, Napier


Prepping To Go It Alone.

OK so lots to organize here in HB, been getting boats patched up, re packing my gear for continuing on Solo and trying to fit it all in my Kayak. All working out well, now just need to wait for the big swells to drop and the weather to stay good.


After we arrived and stayed my mate Casper’s a couple of nights, we got the boats transported to the factory to get worked over, thanks to my dad truck. We then kayakdownundernzleg2-1030222moved to my cousin bens in Napier so that I could see the sea, repack my boat and get going as soon as the weather allowed. Before that however I needed to paddle the boat from the factory around the port to Marine Parade where my cousin Ben lived. This was a short paddle and an old mate Dane dropped me over to get the boat. I now sit out on the balcony of my cousins place looking over Napier city and the southern end of Hawke’s Bay towards Cape Kidnapers, where I hope to head tomorrow before some really big swells head into the bay.

I have come to realize that it will be tricky to continue past wellington in the time frame left, as another week has been lost, the trip has been fraught with weather kayakdownundernzleg2-00200hiccups, broken gear and injuries. Now I go solo I am apprehensive yet excited about it. I plan to take cautious risks and not push my luck too much. the over objective to get to Stewart island has been compromised unfortunately though there is still a great trip to be had and the accomplishment for getting to wellington Solo and at least finishing the length of the east coast of the North Island.

Going into this next leg solo brings exaggerated feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability, though also adventure and self reliance are heightened, I am now without companionship, though entirely free to paddle has hard or soft as I want. I embrace the challenge and look forward too, as always, the adventures to come.

kayakdownundernzleg2-00185Dave with his now repaired boat is sending it to Auckland to be sold and heading to the south island to enjoy the other half of the country I won’t probably get to see on this trip down. It ended up being an hugely epic trip for the guy and he has put in a good spirit and learnt a bunch I am sure, big respect to his efforts.



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