Sunday, September 19, 2010

Date Change and Details!

The expedition will now begin at the end of December 2010 after I have Christmas with my family in Hawkes Bay. I hope to be in Auckland for the wedding of my good friends Bruce and Louise on the 28th Jan. This also means the trip should be finished by the end of April, however I am half way through calculating distances and legs, below is the outline so far.

6 Legs
1- Northern end of 90mile Beach to Auckland
2- Auckland to Napier 
3- Napier to wellington
4- Wellington to Christchurch
5- Christchurch to Dunedin
6-  Dunedin around southern tip (possible circumnavigation) of Stewart Island to Halfmoon Bay

Basic Time Outlay
4 months.

The trip along the east coast of NZ, North to South is roughly 1474.8 Nautical Miles total.
At an average of 20 knots a day and 5 paddling days a week with two days off. That makes a trip of 104days with 30 rest or bad weather days, giving me 14 extra days of sway in the 120 day 4 month period I have allocated. I hope to bump my distances travelled each day to 23-25 knots a day, near the mid way mark as my conditioning improves, thus the time allocation should be more than enough, I can always take longer if needed.

End of Trip Transport
I still need to figure out transport back from Halfmoon Bay and all the way back to Auckland, any one with any ideas please let me know!

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  1. Hey buddy can't wait to see you for our wedding whoop whoop!!! Check out our wedding website will email you details!! Im on holiday till our wedding so if you need help and Im not stressing about wedding will be around for anything you might need. Xx