Saturday, October 16, 2010

New flight plans to NZ

Ok I am in Wales right now, Fly out to BC in 4 days and I have been looking into flights to NZ. Looks like I will be heading off from BC about 18 days earlier as I can save about $1500nz by flying out well before Christmas. I am disappointed to be loosing out on so much time training in Canada, though it will help me get things sorted in NZ more before I get under way after Christmas.  
Plans are now to fly to NZ Dec 5th.

It also looks like i am not going to be joined by my French Canadian friend Manuel, my new possible team mate is now Dave Briggs also Canadian. He hopes to join me at the end of Jan, after finishing work in Belize Central America. There had also been talk between me and another kiwi Tim about joining forces to kayak around NZ starting in Nov 27th, after some careful consideration I do not want to take it on, and his plans do not really take into account another paddler and will be a hassle to change. Tim also plans to really push it around NZ ( he is aiming at 3months) and I really want to take my time and enjoy this trip. so I wish him well and I hope I get to paddle with him some where along the way. Tim's site

I have had a great time Paddling in Croatia, Monte Negro and The UK. looking forward to getting back to BC for some serious training and white water kayaking!


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