Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pure Productions

Been talking and doing some planning, with Jamie Mackenzie of pure productions, about how we are going to film the adventure, the angle of our story, and the way we hope to share it.

things are looking good for the documentary, and we plan to have video updates posted to the blog, so everyone can get a good visual insight into the journey.

It will be challenging, fun, amazing, scary, tiring and invigorating.

Jamie Mackenzie and I used to work together leading and instructing school groups back in the day.
Jamie had a background in film, and i was privileged to be around when he decided to embrace his dream of running a production company and started Pure. I worked a little for him as a sound man and actor for some of his contracts, as he spent the nights editing in his living room. I now find him in a large production building, with multiple employees, awards and a business partner. Pure is the real deal now!

Thanks for all the Help with this project Jamie it is great to have you and Pure productions on board.

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