Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Trip Postponed

Unfortunatley due to a number of issues arrising in the last few weeks we are having to postpone the trip till Feb 1st 2011. This will add new challenges to the trip as it greatly reduces our time frame to complete the journey.

This has occurred due to a number of reasons
1. our camera equipment has not turned up in full.
2. we are having trouble with our paddles getting into the country
3. I am having Family issues ( ah gotta love coming back to the homeland at Christmas).
4. Dave will be here then and we can both start the trip together.
5. we still need to find applicable safety gear, like Epirbs, Helmets, sat phone and money is running short.

We may unfortunatley have to cut certain parts of coast line out in order to complete the task of getting to Stewart Island.  No set ideas as yet, we need to see how things go, once we finally get on the water.

Sorry for the disapointment, but better to start of right than fumble along half assed!!

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