Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Team Member Joined and Confirmed

Welcome Dave Briggs to the World Wild Adventure team and the Kayak Down Under Expedition.
Dave and I have Known each other for 5 years while working on the Oceans and jungle rivers of Belize, Central America. I am stoked to have this experienced canadian along for the ride and cant wait to see what he thinks of my home land as we explore it as not many have.
Dave unfortunatley won't be able to join the expedition untill the end of January, once he has finished his obligations to work in Belize and help train the new staff that will be taking our place while we are on this expedition.

Dave Briggs

Though born in the urban jungle of Toronto, Dave has guided in some of the most remote and unexplored regions of the world. Dave’s initiation into the industry started in the mid 1980’s. Fresh out of the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Geography Dave accepted a Trip Leader position with a charitable organization and guided youth-at-risk on 2-week long wilderness canoe trips in Northern Ontario. While in this mid 20’s Dave accepted a unique opportunity with Operation Raleigh that brought together youth from over 25 different nationalities for research, service and exploration of remote regions of the world. While on these trips Dave was a guide in the primary jungles of Seram, Indonesia, as well as in Cameroon Africa, which entailed first accents down unnamed rivers by inflatable kayaks. In addition, Dave’s work has taken him to Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Malawi, Africa.

Dave has also been employed as a park ranger, forest officer, wildlife technician and for the last 8 years, Dave has been guiding river and sea kayaking tours in Belize and this past summer was an expedition guide in the Canadian High Arctic and Northwest Passage.

Dave is very excited to be joining this amazing adventure and his unique skills and previous experiences will help make this trip a success. His ability with a camera to produce some beautiful images of the NZ coastal environment will be priceless.

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