Sunday, November 7, 2010

Paddles, Rain and Wind


It has been a stormy few days here on Vancouver island, perfect for paddling. solid 15knot winds have created good resistance training to paddle into, while the Rain and lack of sun creates a bold determination in the mind to enjoy the journey for the exhilaration of the weather. I am actually rather worried about the heat and the harsh sun of NZ, as that tires you more ( I feel Personally) and destroys more gear than the cold. But it will also be more motivating to awake on a warmish morning to set adrift, and on the bad days in NZ, I hope to look out and say "Yee Ha, now we're talking!"

I have been Paddling a little with some of the more experienced members of the Nainamo Paddlers club. these guys like to get out amongst the wind a waves, roll in 9 degree water, beat there boats on rocks and slug out some miles, while paddling some great spots.

 IMG_0100 IMG_0101

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