Monday, March 28, 2011

March 27th -28th; Recover and False starts

The day after the big paddle around Mahia Peninsula turned into a total lazy day of recovery and then packing gear ready for leaving the next day. We didn’t do too much really except eat and do a little work on the computer, we did go to the Morrere Hot springs . The Morrere Hot springs are an awesome natural spring up the road, it is tapped into stainless steel baths that you pay to use, very nice and in a great forested area, it was a much needed soak for aching well used bodies and we talked with some great people while there as well. That night we had a great feed of Fish ‘n; chips thanks to Dawn and then hit the sack ready to go for the morning.
I awoke early while it was still dark, to the groan of the cabin we slept in, as the wind battered it. I went for a pee. Man! The wind has come up and it is strong, I went back to sleep. Day break, still lots of wind, we get up and proceed as planned prepping lunch while eating breakfast. I walk down to the bay where the kayaks are, it doesn’t look to bad, but the wind is still strong. We decide to wait a bit and see if it dies off. We then take an offer for a lift down the coast to see what the exposed shore is doing.
kayakdownundernzleg2-04499It is going off, real big stormy swell rolling in strong, it isn’t impossible or reckless to go, though it wouldn’t be fun and we wouldn’t get far, so we call it off and end up going exploring the area by car with our friend Grace. What a beautiful area Mahia is, NZ is full of them of course and they all make you want to stay, however tomorrow we must go if the weather allows!!

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