Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 4th; Around Colville



Date: march 4th

Weather: overcast, patches of sun

Swell: 1m NE

Wind: light NE

Distance: 21.2 NM

Camp: Stony bay, Coromandel

Back Country Food Review

Meal: spaghetti Bolognese

Impression: Awesome! Smelt great, looked great instantly, tasted superb and filled you up. Hmm hmm!

Stars 10 out of 10



I awoke early as the wind was beating up the tent good and I thought we would blow away, I got up and re secured the tent, then went back to bed, wondering what storm we would have paddle in today, once it was light the wind had dropped a lot. We got straight on the water after breakfast and paddled through the stunning islands then across to the mainland.


The wind was a bugger, blowing hard on us, until we rounded cape Colville then finally it was with us and we paddled along at a good pace. My mind furious with realization and loss, frustration and confusion, I paddled hard and fast, I needed time to myself and to release energy. I had come to realize the really important things in life that love and a great relationship bring and now suffered the realization of loosing those priceless things, Prices paid for realizing dreams and embracing ones full potential, you certainly can’t have it all it appears.



The day was beautiful to my cloudy eyes still, and my body was more than willing, the aches and pains in my wrists and shoulder from the days before gone, it appears the larger paddle blade took a couple of days to get used to , now I am feeling strong and fast with the new Lendal Kinetic 750. Camp tonight is in a beautiful bay, under another great old tree, there is an awesome stream to bath in and the appetite is willing to eat a horse. ~ Jaime


A bugger….. that pretty much sums up my day. Ok…. that requires some explanation. Basically it was a beautiful day, which included some stunning scenery but it was a day that I felt virtually every paddle stroke….. pain in my finger joints, numbness in my hands, stiffness in my neck and back. But those things alone don’t make a day a bugger. What makes a day truly a bugger is when you’re paddling hard, feeling the pain and fatigue and despite your efforts the person you’re paddling with keeps getting further and further ahead. I can take some conciliation in knowing this was a day Jaime was releasing pent up emotions and frustrations and was probably paddling harder than normal, but it was still a frustrating day for me. A day when I questioned my strength and my ability to complete this trip….. something very much outside of my usual character. However, I can take solace in knowing that these days will come….. days when despite all your hard work and effort things don’t come easily. Tomorrow will be a new day and with that a fresh start. ~ Dave


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