Monday, March 7, 2011

March 6th; A day off


Today was a down day, we had pushed hard the day before, harder than either had pushed before, there was also a blustery SW wind blowing white caps across the estuary, so it was very easy to take the recovery day and let the body’s heal.

We used this time to do a bit more food shopping for extra snack bars and lunches, Dave called friends and Family and I visited some more friends in Town, Ruth Young and Rick Swain. The afternoon flew by with Rick and Ruth, as we caught up on events over the last 3 years I checked out some of Ricks new wood sculptures and we picked up other art from the next couple of bays down. A few beers later and some great yarns it was goodbye and back to Jill and Dave’s for dinner and pack up


We had a great silver side roast beef for dinner and pigged out on apple straddle and ice cream for dessert, then it was pack up and to bed so we would be well rested for our arduous paddle in the morning of 2-3 hours to cathedral cove and then Hahae beach, to catch up with my mate from Uni, Mike and his sea kayak company.

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