Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Waiheke Island



Date: March 1st

Weather: Sunny

Swell: moderate NE

Wind: moderate to strong NE

Distance: 12 NM

Camp: Matai’s Place in Onetangi; Waiheke Island



After 2 days off, a bunch of repairs on the solar system (required re soldering of plugs and new plugs all together to get it working really good) thanks to Fraser the Techspert, Restocking on backcountry Cuisine Meals and grocery store food and posting all the blogs for the last leg, and getting all our Lendal paddles, finally released from customs, all set to go, we were ready to hit the seas again.kayakdownundernzleg1-02992

Today we hit the water at 2pm after dropping back kayakdownundernzleg1-02993Jonesy’s paddles, and delivering the first round of video to Jamie, and shoved our way lethargically to Waiheke Island, a 12 NM slog in a blustery North wind. Tucking in behind the first island Rangitoto ( a dormant volcano) provided some relief, though we were happy to finally pull up on Surfdale beach on waiheke island at 6.30pm.


kayakdownundernzleg1-03001My mate Matai, meet us at the beach with a trailer to move the boats, and we headed to his place one boat at a time. The trailer was small and dinky and not quite the 18 foot kayak hauler it needed to be, though it worked. Matai’s wonderful lady Sharee had cooked us and awesome dinner and we tucked in with the kids at their great house over some beers, then slept well on mattress.kayakdownundernzleg1-02998

Leg one has begun and it is a bit luxurious so far! Though the bodys feel strong, but the minds are reluctant strangely.

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