Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7th; Cathedral Cove kayaks



Date: March 7th

Weather: Sunny

Swell: small E

Wind: moderate SE

Distance: 8NM

Camp: Cathedral Cove Kayaks Guide House

Food Review

Meal: Good old Kiwi BBQ

Impression: Great selection of foods that everyone brought along, awesome salads, sausages, fish, chops and desserts. The variety left our heads spinning

Stars: 9 out of 10



kayakdownundernzleg1-03157A very relaxed start to the morning, a bit of email done by dave, some reading by me. Then we packed the boats at the waters edge,after hugs goodbye, loaded in with our packed lunch care of Jill. Of we went on the now sunny estuary and this time with the outgoing tide in our favor, then we hit a bit of a head wind though nothing to bad. The wind kayakdownundernzleg1-1010806increased as we turned south just after cooks beach, we battled on a bit longer and then pulled in amongst the strange volcanic sedimentary rock formations of cathedral cove. Pulling up on the white sand beach, the predominant Sea arch that makes the cathedral on the beach, stood out like a sore thumb instantly confirming why the beach had its name.




Unfortunately part of the arch had recently collapsed and now a fence was stretched across the opening to stop people walking through, this is sad. Though necessary, as it was a big draw to come walk through the cathedral. Being really naughty and a inherent risk taker and rule bender, I went through any way. Which of course then encouraged other to do so as well. Hmm bad influence, oops.kayakdownundernzleg1-03193

kayakdownundernzleg1-03226After nibbling on our packed lunches we pushed on to Hahae 30 minutes on. Pulling up on the beach through the small surf, I came across the kayaks of the local outfitter, Cathedral Cove Kayaks, and I was met instantly by my mate Mike Grogan. kayakdownundernzleg1-03217Mike had been expecting us at some point and was stoked to see us, he quickly organized a Tractor and trailer (used for moving his many kayaks off and on to the beach every day) to move our fully loaded boats up to the guide house, where we could stay the night. I went to Uni with Mike and we have known each other for over ten years now, I also worked a bit for him in 2008 when I was last back in NZ for two months, so I also knew some of the guide, who were still around.


This was a pretty cruizy day and more of a social and industry stop than an essential, however it was fun to chat to some tourist about their insights into NZ, go to a BBQ with Mike and the kayak crew, drink a couple of beers, tell some stories and meet some new friends, who all enjoyed the tails of our adventures. That night we slept well and rested up for our big task ahead; 17 days of at least 20 NM to get to Napier and the end of leg 2, Boy this is going to be a big one.

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