Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29th; Along the Hawke’s Bay

Date: March 29thkayakdownundernzleg2-04524
Weather: Sunny but cool
Swell: 1.5m E
Wind: Light NE
Distance: 20 NM
Camp: Wairoa River Entrance

Back Country Cuisine Food Review
Meal: Classic Beef Curry
Impression: Man, Neither of us really like this curry, it is super strong flavored and a bit over spiced. If you are a real Indian curry lover you may like this one, though we dread having to eat it again, Dave didn’t even finish his. It is still very tasty and perhaps with more rice it would be tolerable.
Stars: 7 out of 10 I am sure we gave it more last time, though weren’t as hungry this time
kayakdownundernzleg2-1030136Finally a weather gap and a chance to get away back on our trip. The stay has been wonderful here in Mahia, though too long and our determination starting to get clouded by outside influence, it is hard we meet people along the way and they enjoy us and come to care for us and then worry for us and plant seeds of doubt, you must fight to stay true to the mission involving outsiders in an adventure they may not truly understand.
Never the less we are thankful for all the help and hospitality the Crew at Mahia have given us, as well as everyone else along the way, it is the locals and personal interactions that have made this trip so special so far, however Dave and I have personal goals and Challenges to attempt to for full and we feel it is more than time to press on.kayakdownundernzleg2-04531
Everyone in the area who is curious comes down to see us pack the boat and push off into the calm water of the bay. We wave goodbye to the sad and slightly apprehensive crowd and paddle south again along the large Hawke’s Bay. The day is good we make good distance, the sun isn’t too hot, the swell not to large, however the forecast is for increasing swell (4m+) in two days, we hope to be in Napier before then.
We eventually reach the river mouth of the Wairoa River, and very near the Town of kayakdownundernzleg2-04537Wairoa, we discuss the options of coming in through the river mouth, or onto the beach and Dumping surf break. I insist the river mouth is the best option and we time the surf and paddle up into it. No problems we then have to paddle our asses off to get up it and make camp on the sand bar. It is a great night and we enjoy and very spicy meal and lots of chocolate for dessert then hit the sack ready for the next day. we can taste the end of leg 2, man it has been a long leg!


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