Saturday, February 26, 2011

End of Leg One



Date: Feb 26thDSC02963

Weather: sunny

Swell: slight E

Wind: moderate-Strong SW

Distance: 24 nautical Miles

Camp: Bruce and Lou’s


We awoke at 4.15am, packed up loaded the boats at the estuary, then pushed out into the outgoing river current. We paddled darkness through the small surf break, and found ourselves under a starlight sky and paddling through water full of Phosphorescent Plankton, they water was thick with them, stunning. Our bow wake and paddle strokes glowed and if you dipped your hand in the water they stuck all over it in a glowy like goo.

DSC02941DSC02940The sun rose as we paddled to the end of the large peninsula blocking us from our DSC02966camp and our final destination of leg 1, Takapuna Boat Ramp. The golden sun gave us a wonderful welcome as we passed through the channel between Whangaparoa Peninsula and Tiritiri maitangi Island which the weather was reporting to be blowing 30 knts. We pleasantly found that not to be the case close to the mainland and we came into view of the big city of Auckland, its sky scrapers glinting in the early light.  we slogged out the 24 knms to Takapuna, paddling under cliffs laden with very expensive houses all along the edge of them, making the most of the veiws, though risking the land slides. before 12.30pm we arrived at the Boat ramp and we done, energy levels low but spirits high.


On arrival we called the Calvary and my mates Bruce and Louise came to pick us up and give us a place to stay for a couple of days, while we restock, repair and eat. Cheers guys.

So that’s leg one complete 280 Nautical Miles 20 days and a couple of sore, hairy, smelly guys!!

Bring on Leg Two!


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  1. Fantastic Jaime! You were my guide in Belize (Dec 2009) and I picked this up through Islands Exp's link. Happy to see you're still living life passionately. Currently living in Kenya but when I return to Canada I'll look you up! Good luck and enjoy!