Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feb 10th; Slow start in waves


Date:Feb 10th

Weather: overcast morning becoming sunny

Swell: small east

Wind: SE 15knts

Distance: 10knm

Camp: Henderson bay



Relaxed start to morning and the weather was nicer though a bit overcast to start with. We loaded the boats and prepared for another easy surf launch, but boy where our arms slow to pick up, we struggled through the surf, somehow managing to take off, just as the largest set of waves we had seen all morning came at us and on top of it, it seemed no matter how hard we tried we couldn’t go any faster or harder through the breaking waves and then more just kept coming.IMG_1173

Eventually we got through with lots of grunting and swearing, I got nailed by a couple of biggys, and once through the surf I discovered my GPS screen had been cracked and the solar panel wire had disconnected. “Ugh!” Dave got a slight back surf, but then punched it out to get his green machine airborne over some biggys before being out back and clear.


We paddled on and the sun came out, though the wind picked up, slogged out about 8 knm to Paxton point, where the sun came out in full blaze. We Stopped for lunch at Paxton, Dave did some repairs on his rudder I raided a water tank for water at a local batch (cabin), as we were running short. Then after a 2 hour break we paddled on around the point, to find a stonking wind in our face, we pushed out another 2 knms, and we decided we would pull in early and start earlier tomorrow.DSC00154DSC00153

We found a nice camp amongst the dunes, with an easy surf landing, and we had time to relax and do other things. I went naked body surfing, Dave bathed in the stream nearby. We enjoyed the sunset and did some more film work for our trip documentary. A good day.


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