Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some Man’s Land



Date:Feb 24th

Weather: sunny

Swell: moderate SE , 4 meter NE

Wind: Strong SE-SW

Distance:12 nautical miles

Camp: Ian And Ruths

Back Country Food Review

Meal. Sweet and Sour LamB

Impression: Look Awesome, Tasted Fantastic. Great flavor, good meat amount, great pieces of Pinaple great with extra water.

Stars: 9 out of 10



We awoke to strong winds still throbbing. Had a lazy morning discussing the merits of continuing or staying till tomorrow. When at about 10.30 pm we suddenly got a “hi guys!”

The owner had turned up to find us on his lawn, though instead of being grumpy about it, he was inqusaitive and asked us about our adventure, then said we where welcome to stay as long as we liked as he wouldn’t be heading out into that wind. Though we had already decided to push on, and so we did. Thanking him for his understanding and ongoing offer.

We packed the boats and slogged out into the bay. Rounding the next head land, we meet the increased north swell coming through in pulses of about five mountainous swells at a time. As we came into the the channel between the head land and Kawau Island on our left, the huge swells broke spectacularly along the cliffs and rocks to our right, and we bounced slid and dropped through big seas, as we bashed against, 25 gusting 35 knot winds. A real slow slog.


DCIM\100GOPROThinking we where really tough, I was supper surprised to see a group of kayakers appear as we rounding the island to find a sheltered bay. I paddled out to the kayakers to find them to be a group of school kids in very un sea worthy bathtub style kayaks in amongst the white caps. The teacher was happy to see us, and we shadowed them back to the school camp on the island. We thought we might be able to tcamp there and maybe give the kids a talk about our adventure, as they where all very interested when we told them what we where doing with such big boats. However this wasn’t able to work out. Thought he camp manager Peter was able to hook us up with Ruth and Ian, in the next bay around. Due to the kawau being completely private, there was no where to camp, though Ruth and Ian offered us a bed.

Ruth is an avid sea kayaker and heavily involved in the local scene here. She was very excited to have us there and we talked late into the night.

Thanks Ruth and Ian for having us and the great home grown salad!!

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