Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feb 19; Amongst Ghosts of whales



Date: Feb 19th

Weather: Sunny

Swell: 1 m SSe

Wind: light variable SE

Distance: 14 nautical miles

Camp: Whangamumu harbor at the whaling ruins

Back Country Food Review

Meal Beef Stroganoff

Impression. Hearty, flavourfull and yummy. I bit plan to look at, enjoyed a bit of added salt. Very basic and very yummy, another good standard meal.

Stars: 8 out of 10



We packed up early, eat breaky then paddled out to the melody again, as we had been invited for Tea and coffee before we left for our onward voyage, we happily obliged. It was great to have a second breakfast of fresh pancakes Roz had made. Eventually we tore ourselves from the boat and reluctantly paddled north towards cape Brett.


We stopped In a couple of bays, the first the tourist epicenter , which I quickly got disgusted at and had to leave, the second was the fabled camp area we where allowed to camp in. it was full of giant mansion tents, and some very attractive woman!!

P1010453DSC00439DSC00459We got chatting with two sea kayakers, Craig and Sandy. Sandy from Vancouver and Craig Originally form NZ, both now living in the middle east and here on a kayaking holiday. They gave us some good info, some more fresh food and we had great a great talk, before heading on.


We slogged it straight for the Cape, we sat an looked at the light house, then squeezed through a tight channel out into the big SE facing bay on the other side. Big swell and wash made Dave jump into paddle hard mode, though I roped him in and made him paddle out to the outer island while I paddled through the famed Hole in the wall. A big sea arch that goes through the island. The seas where big and as I went through it, the waves where bouncing and refracting of everywhere as the surge came from behind me. On the other side it was calm and peacefull, though I twitched with excitement, and then went through again, back to Dave waiting in the swells. Unfortunately my waterproof cameras played up and I got no footage. Good fun though.


We paddled on and then went for a really nice bay called Whangamumu Bay. Here we found the remnants of an old whaling station, loads of Sailing boats, and an awesome stream to Bath in. lovely.



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