Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb 21st; fish n chips up the river



Date: Feb 21st

Weather: rain squall, overcast, then sun

Swell: messy 1+meter East

Wind: 20-15 knts SE

Distance: 12knm

Camp: Ngungaru river bar

Food Review

Meal: fish n chips from Ngungaru takeways

Impression: awesome

Stars: ten out of ten


Awoke to s beautiful morning, had a heated discussion about little things that we where getting pissed off about, sorted it out and shook hands on team work. We then paddled out into a big black on coming storm front. Continued on, and the rain came, then rounding the head land further south, the winds and swell came, we again where slogging it out into a SE head wind and rolling swell. P1010503

We slugged out 12 knms and paddled into Ngungaru River, to have fish’n chips at the recommended local store. But it wasn’t open till 4pm. Oh man. It was 3pm, so we decided to camp on the river sand bar amongst the dunes and come back for dinner. That we did, and man did we pig out, $27 worth of fish and chips, yum yum, And then a big fat chocolate bar from the corner store.

DSC02884DSC02891P1010510P1010511DSC02886We plan to be up super early tomorrow, 4 am, and try and slog out 30knm if we can, there is a weather bomb, or tropical cyclone due to arrive3 Thursday and we hope to make it as far south as possible before it comes. 30 knm from here is Bruce and Louise’s cabin at the beach, and a chance to have hot showers woo hooo!! So bring on the big slog.

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