Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 11th; Chip of the Old Boat


Date:Feb 11

Weather: over cast with patches of sun

Swell: building south swell

Wind: SE 10 – E 10

Distance: 20 knm

Camp: Takini point in Waikato bay



Up early, wanted to on water to bet wind, launched at 8.20 am, our earliest yet (obviously we are being a bit lazy!). Easy exit through tiny surf didn’t even get hair wet. Punched along coast then took a big cut across Houhora bay, of about 7 knm, got greedy and cozy with the light winds, despite the forcasted for a head wind, and aimed for a full crossing of 10 knm to kari kari cape, taking us across Ranganui bay . Wind picked up And made us earn our 10 knm in 5 hours hard slog at 2 knm an hour. Stopped for lunch at Wairaka beach. Nice spot.


I was stuffed and slept for 30 mins, before continuing around kari kari cape. Paddling up the sheltered shore line, I suddenly heard and explosion of water behind me, I turned around to see a school of 15 King Fish, following right behind the rudder of my boat. When I put my paddle in the water, they exploded with fear, though quickly returned. They must have been shadowing me assuming I was a shark on the hunt and they may get scraps. Any way as soon as I stopped moving, due to trying to film them, they dove deep and where gone. I paddled back and even tried trolling for them with a lure, no go though. Probably for the best as who knows how long it may have taken to land one with a hand line.


Coming around the cape, we where straight into some east swell, big and surgey on the rocks. We bounced and bobbed in the messy seas for another 5 knms, I shot in to some passages and came out amongst surging white water over the low rocks. Good fun. Dave steered clear and maybe for the better, as when I finally urged him to paddle a slot with me , he managed to ding the front of his kayak and lose a chunk of yellow. Oops. His boat is getting a real beating and its only the first week.


We continued on till we sighted a great bay and some boats moored, and we pulled into Waikato Bay for the night. I cozy little pocket beach, with no surf, a nice creek, a bush walk and easy access to boats with stunning views. Some of the local boaties where fishing when we arrived and asked us about our trip, they were very interested and impressed we had paddled around the top of NZ to were we are now.

We are shattered and will sleep well, Bad weather forecasted for the coming days so will rest more then, tomorrow we will slug out another day, this time with a tail wind we hope!

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