Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feb 17th; Wind Over Water



Date: Feb 16th

Weather: Sunny

Swell: 2 meter ESE

Wind: 18-22 knt E - SE

Distance: 10.5 knm

Camp: Rocky point, northern point before Bay of Islands

Back Country Food Review

Meal: Classic Beef Curry

Impression: Good hearty flavorful Freeze Dry meal, nothing fancy but great taste, lots of meat, with a good dash of veggie for color. Good spice about a 6 out of ten on the spice scale, curry lovers won’t be disappointed, though those who aren’t spice fans perhaps should avoid, it got our nose running!

Stars: 9 out of Ten


WIND Over water.

We woke early to a forecast of solid winds. A heavy rain storm had passed over night and we stepped out to squals and rainbows in the bay. I was feeling pissy about losing good days resting and now being on the move in shit weather. I was keen to push as far as we could still though.

Dave seemed apprehensive and a bit negative, though was just as ready to go as I was. Crossing the bay, to the channel between the islands before we were in the open, the winds struck, moderate but not too strong. A couple on an anchored boat chatted to us as we paddled by, they were impressed by our journey and our end goal, and by the one we where to attempt today in this wind; to paddle as far as we can into a 20+ knt head wind.

Crossing between islands wasn’t too bad and we ended up doing a 8 knm open crossing avoiding dropping into the close bay and having to fight out of it again in a head wind. We rolled side on to the wind and swell for a couple of hours. I felt better being out in it and felt a worthy challenge was set for the day, Dave seemed bummed by it, he doesn’t like head winds and the slog of punching out some distances wears on him. We finally pulled up on a nice beach for lunch and a rest; here we found a tap for water refill and an awesome swing up a bank under a huge Pohutukawa tree. Very fun



We boarded the boats again for a slog further, the winds where stronger, though we had a bit of shelter along the shore now. Dave was pretty negative about the efforts now and said it was pointless, this rubbed me the wrong way, as I saw it as a worthy challenge and the reason we were on this journey; to push ourselves and go beyond our comfort level. We need not do this trip, though if we are going to do it, let’s really do it, not just wait for good weather; otherwise we will never get of the north island. Dave grunted and moved on with me. We eventually slogged out another 3knm and pulled into camp on a great beach.

DCIM\100GOPRO“Good shit Dave!” I exclaimed. he smiled. He later reflected that he started the day with a negative attitude and had trouble getting out of it in the face of the head wind and large swell. He apologized for not seeing the beauty of the journey and focusing to much on just wanting to be in camp. Always lessons to be learnt! If this trip was all about fine weather paddling, we should just go back and work as sea kayak guides, this trip is about a challenge, let’s step up!DSC00366DSC00355DSC00360

Another great camp and another daily challenge. I am Loving the trip so far and I hope Dave is too, I can tell some days he questions it. I must say my crappy mood in the morning turned into a much brighter one.


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