Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb 9th; A Wet Slap


Date: FEB 9TH

Weather: Rain

Swell: small east

Wind: SE light to moderate

Distance: 12 knts

Camp: south of Parengarenga harbor in Great exhibition bay

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A wet Slap

DSC00133We awoke to an over cast morning that suggested it may burn off. The forecast called for light winds turning variable 15knts to SE 20 in evening. We ate breakfast and dragged boats to the water edge. We were camped along way up the back of the dunes, and the boats where also quite high up, as yesterday set up required, there was a lot of walking done this morning. We loaded boats and pushed out into the surf.




We slogged it south in the pissing rain with a building head wind. We passed a large sand bar at Parengarenga harbor that had large breaking swell which reached quite far out into the bay. We spotted a shark in the swell, and then landed south of Parengarenga harbor in Great exhibition bay.




That night we were treated with an awesome gloomy stormy sunset, very moody and cool!


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