Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feb 15th; Go Home Stay Home



Date:Feb 15th

Weather: Sunny

Swell: mod south east

Wind: light SE

Distance: 4 km walk

Camp: Waiiti Hut


Beef and Pasta Hot pot

6 out of 10

Tasty wholesome and boring compared to other backcountry meals, needed salt and pepper added for flavor boost. Hearty serving and a good old school freeze dry meal, what I would have expected from a freeze dry meal, though boring compared to the other more decadent options form backcountry.


Awoke late, enjoyed a walk on the beach talking photos and reading, then did a bit of computer work and Solar recharging before walking 3 hours over the island, enjoying the native forest and birds and again taking lots of photos and shooting video.


It was a stunning day and the legs where thankful for a workout. We returned to the hut at about 4pm, for a swim in the ocean a freshwater shower and a hearty Backcountry meal. There was even time for some more reading.P1010349


Tomorrow we are back on the water for a hoped 18knm day, though there is a forcasted 20-25knot SE wind forecasted that may hinder our progress a lot. We will see. The south calls and we hope to be in Auckland by early mid next week.


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