Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb 14th; Grave of a Rainbow


Date: feb 14th

Weather: Sunny

Swell: building SE 1m+

Wind: light SE - E

Distance: 8knm

Camp: Motukawanui Island

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The Grave of a Rainbow


We awoke reasonably relaxed, packed casually then bid farewell to Shakira and the lovely sheep and set off on our way to Motukawanui or Cavally’s Island. It was a leisurely paddle out to the island with a 5knm crossing involved in a light breeze and beating sun. We paddle to the southern bay Waiiti bay, and found a Department of conservation hut, to use. We called provided phone number, paid a small fee via credit card, they gave us a code for the door and we moved in for two nights.P1010318DSC00276DSC00293P1010314

Dave and I are both feeling we need a rest day, Dave’s wrists are going numb on him and my old shoulder injury is playing up. After 7 days of paddling it is time for a day off, though it was hard to do as the weather is so great right now, we can’t push ourselves and get injuries now that will screw the rest of the trip. Spreading our gear out through the hut, we repacked and cleaned gear. Being within cell range now, I checked phone messages on the cell phone and found out that our paddles where still stuck in customs and they need a product photo and a product number! Bloody hell I have never heard of such and issue to get some paddles into a country. T

DSC00283P1010319P1010325We headed out fishing and for some time alone, Dave fished in the near bay, while I circumnavigated the island, enjoying the big swell and rugged cliffs of the eastern side of the island. It was also of particular interest for me to visit the resting place of the Rainbow Warrior, a Greenpeace boat sunk by French terrorists in Auckland harbor. The boat was involved at the time in protesting against French nuclear testing in the south pacific, after it was sunk, the boat was refloated and towed out to the small islands north east of Motukawanui island and re-sank as an artificial reef and wreck dive, in a far more spectacular and scenic spot, befitting a boat with such a wonderful history of protecting the environment.IMG_1263

Sitting over the spot, I imagined what it would be like to swim down to the wreck and see its iron framing covered in marine life, though for now I had to be content with my pilgrimage by kayak over the site to pay respect to the ideals the Rainbow warrior represented and still does. On the kayak home I managed to nab a nice Kawhai again, meeting Dave on the beach, he hadn’t managed to land a fish, and I was lucky to have got the one I did as I trolled about 6 knm and only got that strike.DCIM\100GOPRO

We enjoyed fish for dinner and looked forward to the day off tomorrow.


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