Friday, February 25, 2011

Feb 25th; On Air In Orewa



Date: 25th Feb


Swell: small E

Wind: Strong SW

Distance: 14 nautical Miles

Camp: Orewa Camp Ground

Back Country Food Review

Meal: Chicken Tikka Misala

Impression: Looks tasty and awesome, does taste good, though not as rich and creamy as a real dish. Very yummy, great flakes of almond. Awesome quantity. Again we are eating a two serve portion each as with each meal. Great.

Stars: 8 out of 10


DSC02931We awoke early at Ruth and Ian’s and snuck out before they awoke. We were on the water by 8am, after carrying our boats down from there neighbors white mansion house to the beach ( a very short trip). We then crossed back over to the mainland and slogged against another brutal head wind.

Eventually we arrived in Orewa and the smell of fish n chips lured us ashore through the surf. We ordered a feed of Fish n chips and then I blundered into the local radio station, told them what we were doing and we ended up on air with an interview. Cool.DCIM\100GOPRO

We then decided we wouldn’t go any further than the local camp ground at the end of the beach tonight, and slog the last 24 nautical miles out the next day and be on the water at 5am again. So we paid $36 to pitch a tent, had a great shower, Dave got more junk food and some fresh fruit from the store and I made friends with our neighbors.

DSC02933The solar panels are struggling to charge the storage batteries and they struggle to charge other things, so the neighbors allowed me to put the video camera charger in their car for a long time. Loran and Grant where visiting, as usual each year, from Victoria BC for 3 weeks. Grant is originally from NZ though found Canada while at university. They invited us over for a wonderful desert of ice cream and sticky cake. And we talked to the early hours of the morn. About 12.30 am that is , though we where to wake again at 4.30am.


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