Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feb 5Th; The Bluff, 90 mile beach NZ


DCIM\100GOPROPicked up Mat at 2pm, hit the road north, the day ended up being hot and beautiful. The subtropical summer heat of northland beat down on us as we drove north through farmland and native forest covered hills. The tar in the road was melting, and the sky was a stunning blue with fluffy white clouds, truly a day of a typical northern NZ summer.



Finally reaching Kaitai at 7pm traveling roughly 300km with one near over heating of the car, we stopped for fish and chips. We found out that we had timed it great with the tides in order to drive along 90 mile beach, taking our fish ‘n chips we headed out to the stunning stretch of west coast (that is actually only about 60 miles long) and enjoyed the setting sun over the constant hazy surf pounding into velvety sand.


We had some fun driving along the beach while sitting in the kayaks atop the car, mesmerized by the colors that where enhanced by the hour of evening. We drove on until we got to the bluff, half way up the stretch and meet a local woman in a surf casting competition (a style of fishing), she recommended we not continue as the tides where rushing in and it was almost dark. We ended up talking her advice and camping in a site just behind where she was fishing at.

We set up camp, sorted a little gear, and then hit the sack. The surf looks OK, but the zone is big, doubts and fears swell through the mind. I know this is doable, though the brain can’t help but be humble by the unknown of adventure, perhaps that’s why some of us like to pursue it?


Up early in the morn to drive further north so we can launch from the northern end of Ninety mile beach, from there we hope to round the northern tip by the end of the day. Tomorrow will be a big challenge, as we haven’t had any time to train in loaded boats recently, nor in surf. It’s time to jump right in and do it; at least the weather is good.


YES this is finally happening!!


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