Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feb 23rd; No Mans land



Date: Feb 23rd

Weather: sunny, passing storm fronts

Swell: rising NE 1m

Wind: variable

Distance: 20.2knm

Camp: Omaha Bay; near Leigh

Back Country Food Review

Meal: Teriyaki Beef

Impression: looks great, lots of color with the green and dark brown, tastes superb, very yummy and filling.

Stars: 9 out of 10



We left late and reluctantly from the warm comfortable house in Mangawhai. On the water at about 10Am After cleaning the house and leaving it spiffy. Fought the current back out the river, then hit the seas to Goat Island Marine park.


The weather which was forecasted to be crap, with winds in our face, turned out to be awesome hardly any, most of it just from the SW which was quite nice, as the boats love chewing through a head wind, this slight one just made it sublime. Eventually we arrived at goat Island Marine Reserve, to find a stonking swell coming in and a bunch of surfers rushing out to make the most of it. Thinking of camping here originally, we were quickly told by Ivan the Glass bottom boat operator the swell would be three times this tomorrow. That information, the fact he camp was a long walk up the road, and that Ivan informed us of a great secret spot around the corner in Leigh we could camp the night at in a sheltered bay, we where off.DSC02923

45minutes later we were all set up on a nice piece of grass near a rarely used beach house, thanks for the info Ivan. Winds are now picking up and tomorrow looks like a messy windy day, oh joy the fun to be had. 30knms form Auckland now, the first leg of our expedition is almost over, though the journey has only just begun.


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