Friday, February 18, 2011

Feb 18th; Drink Up Me Hearty’s Yo ho!


Date:Feb 18

Weather: sunny

Swell: E 2m decreasing

Wind: 20 SE

Distance: 2knm

Camp: Rangapua island

Back Country Food Review

Meal; korma masala

Impression: bland, tastless boring. Eadible. Needed more flavor,though had a good spice level.

Stars: 5 out of ten


Feb 18th ;Drink up me Hearty’s Yo ho!


Early start to the morning, went exploring the other islands on our way to cape Brett. Jump out at one island and climber hill to film panoramic of the islands, on the return to the kayaks, Dave went for a call of nature and I paddled out to talk to a sail boat that just dropped anchor in the clear turquoise waters.DSC00407DSC00408DSC00403


Before we knew it we were on board for a cup of tea and coffee, which then turned to lunch, they day was sunny and warm, and out of the shelter of the bay, the wind was blowing strong again, so when the home brew beer came out, we didn’t say no.

DSC00424Halgar originally from Germany, and his lady Roz from Australia, where great people, and not just because they feed us and got us drunk for the day, on their beautiful boat Melody, more because of the extensive sailing of the world they had done, the stories they had to tell and the great life they lived. Now residing in NZ for some 20 odd years now and being People whose hearts belong on the sea in a sail boat, they worked hard as house painters through the winters and took the summers of to sail in their beautiful boat. They shared stories and inspirations with us all day, as we drank copious amounts of home brew, ate sushi for Lunch and talk about the issues of the world. Our Kayaks lay Peacefully tied out the back, becoming a perch for Seagulls.


They loved our adventure and shared their exploits of sailing the worlds waters and the rough times and fun times. Eventually at sunset we finally said goodbye stumbling into our boats, that sat all day tied of the back of the 33ft sailboat, bobbing in the sun with seagulls atop them, and paddled 100 meters to the beach, set up camp, ate some backcountry cuisine and passed out. What a great day of interaction with some awesome people. Roz even gave us eggs, some onions, peanut butter, and crackers. Awesome.

A much unexpected distraction for the day!


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